Featured Videos

  • Joy Core (10 min)

    10 mins of straight core to fire up and strengthen those abdominal muscles!

  • Joy Sweat (30 min)

    Cardio, Kickboxing, and Core (and a little dance of course)... all in one! Let's go! Time to SWEAT!

  • Joy Jam (32 min)

    Sweat, smile, and DANCE! No equipment or experience needed!

  • Shake your booty! Work your booty! (15 min)

    15 mins of bootylicious fun! Dance cardio with toning exercises. No equipment needed.

  • Joy HIIT (Cardio + Core) 26 min

    26 mins of cardio and core fun delivered in a fun interval format! Optional equip: light to medium weights

  • Joy Barre (29 min)

    Full body workout to lengthen & strengthen your body. Toning exercises that target your core, arms, legs, and booty! Sweating and smiling guaranteed! Optional equipment: Chair, light set of weights

  • Fitness versus Nutrition: Which is better?!

    13 min discussion with weight loss coach Ryan Spence. What is more important: fitness or nutrition?! Which one is key to living a healthier, happier life? Listen to learn more!

  • Alljoy on the go! (20 min)

    20 minutes, no equipment. full body workout to get you moving even when time & space are limited. Works great in hotel rooms, on the beach, at a cabin...ANYWHERE!

  • Dance Cardio HIIT (23 mins)

    Sweat, smile, and get your cardio on with this new Dance HIIT class! No jump option/modifications available for every exercise. 10 crazy fun dance moves delivered in 1 min intervals that will get heart rates up and endorphins pumping!

  • Alljoy on the Go, 13-min Resistance Band Toning Fun!

    Quickie toning workout! Perfect workout for you to do when you're "on the go"! You don't need much space or time for this one! 13 mins of sculpting fun! Optional equipment: resistance band.

  • FREE JOY JAM SPECIAL (40 min) Dance Cardio

    Dance cardio class that will make you sweat, squat, & SMILE all at once! No equipment or dance experience required. No right or wrong in this class...all you have to do is move and have fun!

  • Welcome to Alljoy!

    Welcome to the joy club! We cannot wait to dance, party, play, and choose joy with you!