Alljoy Holiday Sampler (10 + videos)

Alljoy Holiday Sampler (10 + videos)

Choose joy by dancing and sweating with Emily DeLay and 10 of her favorite Alljoy fitness videos this holiday season! This sampler package includes 10 high energy, mood boosting workouts of various formats and lengths to keep you moving (and smiling) throughout the chaotic holiday season. Experience Emily's unmatched, infectious energy and get a taste for Alljoy is all about. List of videos included below:

1. 17 min Holiday Dance Special (dance cardio)
2. 50 min Holiday Joy Jam (dance cardio)
3. 35 min Holiday Joy Barre (barre)
4. 20 min Joy Core (core)
5. 30 min Joy Sweat (dance/cardio kickboxing)
6. 33 min Joy Barre (barre)
7. 45 min Joy Jam (dance cardio)
8. 35 min Joy HIIT (high intensity interval training)
9. 17 min Alljoy on the Go (full body cardio and toning)
10. 12 min Wedding Moves Crash Course (dance move breakdown)

***BONUS (also included for no extra charge)
-5 short videos on the Alljoy Fitness Formula (tips to lead a healthier, happier life)
- 30-day downloadable/printable Joy Journal (to set goals, track progress, reflect, and get inspired)


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Alljoy Holiday Sampler (10 + videos)